Crystal Information

Moonstone is created from layers of minerals; one upon another and the variations of each layer helps to produce the shimmer effect known as adularescence. When light hits these layers at just the right angle, we can see deep within the stone. This idea of layers upon layers that are all a part of the same whole, is where we find the energy of black moonstone. This crystal helps one to see past the layers that are ever-present in our lives. This can be the average everyday things, like better understanding the depths of our fellow man and our actions; or it can help one to see past the layers of “the veil”. 

Some believe there is something that separates the physical world from the spiritual. Others believe there is no real separation only different layers of frequency. Where our consciousness resonates determines what we notice. This color of moonstone can help one find their own personal understanding of this concept, as it works to draw our focus to that which is unseen but ever-present. Humans are blessed with vision but sight can often hinder us from actually seeing. Sometimes we must turn off the lights so that we can feel what is in the darkness. When we take sight out of the equation, our other senses compensate – this includes our “extra senses” or clair-senses. There has long been a fear of the dark that has gone misunderstood. When children are afraid of the dark, we tell them that there is nothing there that wasn’t present in the light. Depending on your point of view, this could not be a very comforting statement. If you notice something in the dark that frightens you, that statement means it is always there. Yes, those things we fear in the dark are present in the light, we just don’t notice them. Don’t worry though, if it didn’t hurt you in the light, it isn’t going to in the dark. That is how fear of the unknown works. We fill in the gaps and scare ourselves. In those moments good logic usually combats this fear of the unknown. If it doesn’t know that all the good you believed resided in the light is also present in the dark. This idea of layers upon layers, of a world hidden in plain sight, is where black moonstone resonates. 

Thought to be a stone with a strong connection to the new moon, which many believe resonates with new beginnings, creation, and rebirth; it is also a crystal that resonates well with the dark moon. The dark moon resonates with being still, deep reflection, connection to spirit, and understanding the answers we seek. There is only a small window where the moon is in this phase, so having a crystal that resonates wt this frequency can prove very helpful. This is a crystal that strengthens the connection to the divine, the energy of creation, and most significantly the energy of divination. What is divination? When I use this term, I refer to the use of any of the clair-senses to gain insight or answers that help us better understand the world around us. When we gain insight through dreams, meditation, or deep self-reflection – this is divination by my standards. These are things we all do and are all capable of. This connection to energy is strengthened with black moonstone. It facilitates an understanding of the information we perceive when we peak past the “veil”.

Amplifying intentions and facilitating the manifestation of that which you set your mind to, this crystal provides a gateway to growth. Facilitating grounding energy while also strengthening your connection to the spirit, black moonstone brings both protection and amplification of all that you are. Not only can this stone provide protection from negative energy and psychic attacks, but it also can protect against electromagnetic radiation. By embracing the connection to spirit and the layers of the world around us, we can better find our way to the path that resonates best with who we are.

Some applications for this crystal:

-Resonates with all chakras

-Strengthens the auric field

-Aids all manifestation efforts

-Facilitates a meditative state

-Promotes lucid dreaming, astral travel, and dream recall

-Protects from psychic attack

-Inspired hope and creative problem solving

-Provides grounding energy 

-Promotes understanding of high-frequency energy

-Helps embrace change and new beginnings

-Provides clarity of mind and aids focus

-Strengthens feelings of personal power and confidence

-Strengthens connection to the higher self 

-Awakens and enhances spiritual gifts and abilities

-Promotes emotional stability and a sense of calm

-Facilitates communication with spirit

-Grants the courage to follow your dreams

-Helps block electrical sensitivity

-Promotes an understanding of the world around us

-Strengthens connection to people in our lives

-Facilitates effective shadow work 

-Promotes forgiveness 

-Facilitates the understanding and integration of karmic lessons

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