Crystal Information

Kyanite comes in a few different colors but they all share some of the same properties. The mineral itself goes by a few different names, cyanite, rhaeticite and disthene which in Greek means ‘twice + force’; and this is due to this mineral having two different hardness measurements depending on if you measure it lengthwise or across the width of the mineral. When we think of how a mineral harnesses energy, it is always good to look at the physical properties of the mineral in question. This crystal forms in thin blades or what is referred to as ‘radiating masses’, this is when it looks like there are crystal needles shooting in many directions from one central location. Kyanite on an energetic level, operates very similar to how it appears visually. 

Regardless of the color, this mineral applies its energy from two angles, no matter the application; it aggressively clears and it gently harmonizes. Just as the mineral itself looks as though it could slice or cut; the energy of kyanite works to instantly align all energy centers, cutting through any blockages that may be present. Kyanite is a high vibrational crystal that works to raise vibrations and strengthen the entire energetic system. It is one of the premier crystals to assist with ‘cutting cords’. Assisting us in removing all that no longer serves our greatest good, all colors of kyanite work to remove stagnant, blocked, or low vibrational energy from our field as well as helping us to release negative thoughts and behavior patterns. 

Each color does specialize in certain areas and black kyanite works best to remove lower vibrations. It brings balance and calm due to its ability to remove all chaotic energy and dis-ease within a system. It strengthens the system by bridging the gap between any disharmonious areas of energetic flow. This is an excellent crystal for those who struggle with managing their clair senses, especially clairempathy, as it gathers low vibrations at a much slower rate than minerals like tourmaline. All minerals require cleansing however, kyanite is on par with selenite for how often cleansing and charging are needed. 

Here are a few more applications for this crystal:

-Cutting energetic cords

-Removing dis-ease from an area or energetic system

-Strengthens & repairs the auric field

-Clears energetic blockages 

-Promotes grounding

-Release negative behavioral patterns 

-Helps release negative thoughts

-Assists all healing efforts

-Aids manifesting efforts by removing road blocks and personal doubts

-Helps heal and release past traumas

-Aids meditation efforts 

-Helps provide clarity of mind 

-Promotes focus

-Dispels nightmares 

-Helps combat symptoms of depression and anxiety 

-Facilitates spiritual development 

-Aids energetic protection efforts 

-Helps overcome fear and phobias

-Heals and resonates with all chakras

-Balances and energizes the entire energetic system

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