Crystal Information

Known as “The Stone of Life”, biotite is a very common form of mica. What is mica? And why would I want anything so common? Common things are not special, right? This is kind of the logic that ran through my head the first few times I encountered micas. The thing is my logic was flawed, and it took a bit of growth to get to that realization. 

First things first, what is mica? Mica is a group of minerals that forms in thick elastic sheets. It can be found in other minerals, (like tiny flakes of glitter), or in massive books with layers upon layers all bonded together. These layers can be peeled back, revealing a transparent single sheet. One thing it does very well, is it bends. This mineral has many practical applications from drywall to cosmetics. On an energetic level it works in similar fashion. Ready to do any job it is presented with. It is changeable, not set on any one task and it promotes this energy and willingness to bend to a certain point. 

Let’s think of a trampoline for a moment. When pressure is applied the surface of the trampoline bends. It doesn’t bend forever though, only to a certain point. Once the surface reaches the maximum bending point it bounces back to its original shape. Granted eventually all trampolines might tear but that is not part of my comparison here today. Biotite works in similar fashion. It promotes the will to bend, but only to the amount that is actually helpful for us. As we approach our boundaries of comfort, biotite becomes rigid and reminds us to push back. This is one of my favorite stones for protection. I prefer to tackle protection from the inside these days and this crystal puts the control in our hands. 

Protection isn’t all it does though. This crystal contains a bit of Earth magic. Just as dirt is a very common thing, it is still precious and crucial to our survival. This same logic applies here with the commonality of this crystal. It is common, but its attributes are invaluable. Common sometimes gives the idea of lacking value, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. From the dirt grows life. A wide variety of life comes from this common and plentiful stuff. Without it though, no life would be growing at all. Biotite mica holds within it the energy of centered growth, and the wonder of nature. It brings out the sparkle within, like the glisten of dew on the grass in the morning, or inspiration of the rainforest, or the beauty of a field of flowers. The power to defend, create, and adapt lies within this plentiful crystal. 

Some applications for this crystal are:

~Provides grounding energy

~Stabilizes the auric field 

~Promotes adaptability 

~Reinforces strong boundaries

~Facilitates energetic protection 

~Inspires the will to create 

~Promotes the flow of life force energy 

~Promotes methodical thinking 

~Aids manifesting efforts 

~Strengthens the connection to the higher self 

~Heals or repairs the auric field 

~Aids meditation efforts 

~Promotes a sense of calm as it activates all energy centers

~Promotes patience 

~Promotes personal growth 

~Inspires the will to release toxic thoughts and behaviors 

~Helps remove obstacles the prevent growth and healing 

~Promotes acceptance 

~Helps combat symptoms of anxiety and stress

~Promotes passion in an emotionally stable way 

~Helps one to feel totally present 

~Inspires confidence 

~Helps one to see their own worth and the worth of others 

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