Crystal Information

Basalt aka lava stone is technically not a crystal but a rock, a rock made from lava. Typically consisting of minerals olivine, pyroxene, and plagioclase, this rock is one I feel often doesn’t get the credit it deserves. It is a rock that can be found in great abundance here on Earth and is not at all considered rare. It also is dark and sort of rough around the edges, perhaps not something seen as beautiful by collectors. Let’s for a second go back and appreciate what this rock is. Lava, this rock is lava you can hold. It could be that I am just a sucker for volcanoes as I always have been fascinated with them, but to me, there are few things more powerful and more beautiful than the Earth displaying the act of creation.

 We all enjoy the butterfly and cocoon comparisons when referring to growth, think of this rock as the Earth’s cocoon. The not so pretty shell that coats the surface during transformation. Inside the Earth, the liquid rock stews and blends all together. What once might have been olivine, now is a beautiful mix of many minerals floating together as one. A volcanic eruption happens when the pressure inside the Earth becomes too great, a release must occur. The power of the planet is immense. It takes parts of itself, changes them into something different, uses that different stuff to destroy itself, while also creating a whole new self. The energy of this rock works very much in similar fashion. It gives us the protection and strength we need in order to make change.This is the energy that lies within our very common, not so exciting, basalt. 

Lava stone harnesses the energy of the Earth, it provides grounding energy so that we may be present and take stock of all we are. It helps us embrace all that we are – the good and the bad. Then it helps us destroy the things that are no longer helping us to grow, so that we may blend all that we are and transform ourselves into who we want to be. 

A few applications for basalt are:

-Provides grounding energy 

-Helps to shift perspectives to find a path to growth & healing 

-Strengthens the auric field 

-Facilitates forgiveness – especially of the self 

-Facilitates acceptance 

-Helps one to embrace change 

-Enhances creativity 

-Promotes clear communication 

-Helps address root cause of negative thinking and behavioral patterns

-Helps release need for approval 

-Resonated best with the Root and Earth Star chakras 

-Helps to address buried issues and traumas 

-Helps find a pathway to a balanced emotional state 

-Aids all intentions associated with the “rebirth” 

-Inspires motivation 

-Enhances strength and determination

-Highlights the lessons we are currently working to learn 

-Enhances our connection to the Earth and our place in it 

-Helps us to see our role in our own lives 

-Provides the courage needed to take the “first step”

-Assists energetic protection efforts 

-Facilitates clarity of mind 

-Assists meditation efforts 

-Assists with all healing efforts 

-Facilitates manifesting efforts by bringing the intention to the physical present

-Inspires confidence to be one’s self

-Connects us to our inner guidance 

-Provides support in times of turmoil 

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