Crystal Information

A copper carbonate hydroxide mineral, azurite forms when water mingles with copper. Now, this is a way oversimplified explanation but essentially the water dissolves bits of the copper and carries it away to a new location; where, if the environment is suitable, it will deposit the minerals it contains, and over time azurite is formed. The understanding of how this mineral works with energy can be found in how it forms.  

Azurite helps to promote enlightenment. This is a trendy word. I do not feel that enlightenment means better, wiser, more evolved, or anything of that sort. To me, it means aware. To shed light on something in a new way is to gain enlightenment. There is always more to learn, there is always more in the shadows, so one can never be above anyone else because we all always have more to understand. This crystal works by scooping up the parts of our understanding that are incomplete and helps bring us to a place where we can find the missing pieces. Sometimes a shift in perspective is all that is required. This shift can happen with a simple personal frequency adjustment. It helps to bring the changeable stillness that water embodies so that we can feel relaxed while we “go with the flow”. Changeable and still, those seem contradictory, however, the mental stillness needed to understand truth requires both of those things. The state of being that allows us to be prepared to receive information is where azurite resonates best. 

This crystal aligns with truth, faith, patience, and understanding and it allows one to gain a higher level of confidence in their own self so they may interact with the world through a place of unimposing serenity and strength. This place of resonance helps one to feel relief from the stresses and burdens that we all carry or endure throughout life. 

Here are some applications for this crystal:

-Strengthens connection to the higher self

-Facilitates the articulation and communication of thoughts

-Combats stress and anxiety 

-Activates and harmonizes the third eye or Pineal Gland

-Opens and enhances psychic abilities

-Promotes an understanding of messages from clair-senses & spirit

-Clears away confusion, stress, and chaotic energy

-Enhances dreams and dream recall

-Facilitates astral travel and recall

-Alleviates worry and indecision

-Promotes balance and control over one’s emotions

-Promotes independence, confidence, and trust in one’s self

-Stimulates the mind, memory recall, and ability to retain information

-Works to release negative feelings such as fear, guilt, or grief

-Promotes truthfulness to yourself and others

-Promotes clarity of mind

-Promotes the confidence needed for honest self-expression

-Helps promote the idea of equality in all people (You are just as good as anyone else – but not better)

-Resonates best with the brow and crown chakra

-Instills trust, faith, and patience

-Promotes respectful communication

-Facilitates a meditative state

-Promotes compassion and empathy for the situations and circumstances of others

-Enhances creativity

-Facilitates learning by showing a new way of looking at a topic

-Helps alleviate fear, panic, and confusion that are caused by “spiritual awakening” or development

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