Crystal Information

A rare mineral sought after by collectors and healers alike, arfvedsonite is an amphibole mineral which often forms in pegmatites and intrusions. Basically, lava enters existing rock pushing its way in creating its own space, then is allowed to cool and crystallize slowly due to the insulation the surrounding rock provides. Its formation lends some insight into how this crystal works on an energetic level. 

This stone is known for its ability to expand consciousness and pave a way to manifesting, especially when the limits of possibility seem to have been reached. Like lava forcing its way through solid rock, arfvedsonite finds a path to heightened awareness and allows one to resonate there until they get their footing to push forward again.  This crystal doesn’t simply take one higher and raise vibrations- it works in both directions. Working to facilitate a deeper connection to both the physical and spirit simultaneously; this crystal is a wonderful ally for all efforts in energy work from personal healing to manifesting. It holds its greatest strength in breaking through barriers and finding a way to growth and understanding where previously there was no known possibility for advancement. Arfvedsonite helps align one with the understanding that anything is possible, and we are all capable of creating the life we dream of.

A few applications for this crystal are:

-Aids healing efforts

-Facilitates manifesting

-Aids meditation efforts

-Promotes understanding of both spirit and the physical

-Inspires creativity 

-Facilitates energetic protection 

-Promotes a deeper understanding of the self 

-Inspires a positive outlook 

-Improves the manageability and understanding of clairvoyance

-Strengthens the connection to the higher self 

-Aligns one with a path that resonates with their true self 

-Enhances innate gifts, talents, and abilities

-Enhances the clairsenses 

-Promotes good decision making

-Promotes problem solving 

-Helps find the path to success

-Promotes confidence and faith in the self 

-Strengthens the connection to divine wisdom and guidance 

-Promotes the will to try even after many failures 

-Increases the flow of life force energy

-Clears blockages in the entire energetic system

-Strengthens the auric field 

-Inspires the idea that we are all connected 

-Promotes calm in times of stress

-Helps one see the outcome of many choices instantly 

-Promotes adaptability to change 

-Helps release negative thoughts and behavioral patterns 

-Helps dispel nightmares

-Promotes the understanding of truth

-Inspires accountability  

-Promotes the will to master the self 

-Facilitates astral travel, and spiritual journeying as well as the understanding of the experiences one may encounter

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