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Known as the “Conservationists Stone” due to its strong connection to the Earth, this crystal is thought to promote the will to heal both the environment and the individual. Aragonite is one of three crystal formations of calcium carbonate – the other two being vaterite and calcite. While they have a similar feel to them, there are some major differences. The most obvious is how they look; the crystal lattice of aragonite produces acicular crystals; with repeated twinning we end up with a radiating mass of pseudo hexagonal crystals. Aragonite can be found in many places. The coating on pearls, insides mollusks, and stalactites; it may look fibrous, columnar, or even helictite which is sometimes referred to as “Flowers of Iron”. Regardless of how it looks, how it works comes from deep within its crystal structure. This lends a hint into how this crystal works on an energetic level.

Aragonite is thought to clear blockages within the system, not just in a particular chakra but anywhere there is an energy disfluency, aragonite promotes a circulation of energy. A clue to how it operates is how some of the pieces form. Take the star aragonite for example (in the photo that accompanies this post). There are what look almost like tunnels shooting out from one central location. Pathways leading away from the middle of the crystal. When we work with aragonite, the pathways within ourself begin to clear from deep within. Often energy becomes stopped up due to experiences we may not have fully enjoyed. They can only really be cleared once we deal with the feelings we hold surrounding these experiences. 

Aragonite is not a bandaid, it gently helps us address all that we hide deep within, even from ourselves. Once we release the feelings we are holding onto, the energy begins to flow freely. Aragonite provides the stability, courage, and pathways needed to embrace all that we are and all of the experiences that have helped to shape us into who we are today. 

A few applications for this crystal are:

-Facilitates grounding 

-Aids all healing efforts

-Stabilizes the auric field

-Clears energy blockages in the entire system

-Facilitates cord cutting

-Helps release trauma

-Inspires courage and personal power

-Promotes emotional stability 

-Helps one stand their ground

-Promotes confidence

-Inspires the will to create 

-Helps release negative emotions

-Facilitates shadow work 

-Promotes a connection to and awareness of the Earth

-Eases symptoms of stress and anxiety 

-Helps alleviate nightmares 

-Promotes patience 

-Inspires determination

-Helps resolve past life wounds

-Promotes acceptance and forgiveness

-Facilitates energetic protection

-Promotes a zest for life

-Facilitates meditation efforts 

-Balances and amplifies clairsentience so that one can feel their way through confusing memories and find healing

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