Crystal Information

Aquamarine is the blue variety of the mineral named beryl (the pink variety of beryl is morganite, and green is the emerald). Once thought to be the treasure of mermaids, its name comes from the Latin word aqua marīna which translates to seawater. It was actually used by the Romans to purify water. This stone carries with it all the refreshing vibrations that water and the color blue have and more! It works to wash away all that clouds our perception while ushering in fresh, strong, high vibrations. Its energy is gentle yet constant which produces a lasting energetic shift when kept within your auric field.  

This crystal has been compared to the ocean reflecting the heavens and this comparison is a wonderful reference for one of the great strengths of aquamarine. Just as you could stare off into the ocean where the horizon meets the sky and you might feel compelled to just keep looking, calmly letting your eyes just follow what they see; this stone does just that, but instead of gazing outward it promotes the will to find your own deepest self. Once you find those things hidden within you are free to let go of any parts of you that no longer match who you want to be. 

This is also a stone of empowerment only it isn’t aggressive like empowerment sometimes is portrayed. True empowerment is that of equality and knowing the truth that you are equal to everyone else, allows you to stand strong in who you are knowing that your value is equal to all those that surround you. This crystal promotes that understanding and dissolves the need to prove you are worthy and strong and allows you to just accept and own that you are. 

A few applications for this crystal are: 

-Facilitates quality communication skills 

-Allows one to communicate their emotions in a logical, calm fashion

-Produces a calm, soothing energy

-Strengthens and cleanses the auric field 

-Provides energetic protection 

-Strengthens and helps manage clairaudience and telepathy 

-Promotes understanding of psychic reception and spiritual messages

-Facilitates all healing efforts 

-Inspires seeing and accepting truth 

-Facilitated the letting go of that which no longer serves you

-Helps overcome the fear of speaking

-Promotes perseverance and discipline

-Instills courage and trust in oneself

-A strong meditation aid

-Removes emotional numbness and personal barriers

-Aids development of clairvoyance and intuition 

-Promotes the knowing of your truth

-Promotes the will to comprise and work as a team

-Instills the notion that true power is not the same as force

-Strengthens feelings of unconditional love 

-Birthstone for the month of March and those born between February 19 – March 19 

-Aids purification rituals and intentions

-Promotes good fortune 

-Instills bravery 

-Aids all divination efforts 

-Calms an overactive mind and helps to promote stillness

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