Crystal Information

Every so often a mineral lives up to its nickname, and “The Stone of Truth” is one of those minerals! Apophyllite is jam-packed with high vibrational energy. It works well to help one rise above all chaos, negativity, lower vibrations, judgments, or anything else that prevents one from knowing the truth of a situation. Our fears, worries, paranoia, preconceived notions, and past experiences often get in the way of interpreting the world around us. This crystal helps alleviate that issue. 

It is believed to be a highly spiritual stone, and in my opinion, that statement does not do it justice. Apophyllite is not a crystal you buy to be spiritual but rather a companion to help support you during real times of spiritual growth or personal turmoil. It is a premier crystal ally for shadow work and navigating the difficulties that come along with true healing and growth. It raises vibrations so that you can clearly see the less than pleasant things, but not become consumed by them; allowing you to view the world and yourself with clarity, integrate lessons, and accept truths you might prefer to hide from. 

While digging deep into spiritual growth, you will inevitably encounter some form of negative energy, typically stemming from your own subconscious. This crystal works well to combat those lower vibrations. It helps provide energetic protection as it works to strengthen the auric field and keep vibrations high. It facilitates the connection to our higher self and helps to provide the stillness of mind needed to receive messages and guidance to help keep us on our path towards growth.   

A few applications for this crystal are:

-Assists meditation efforts

-Raises vibrations 

-Strengthens and repairs the auric field  

-Aids all divination efforts 

-Aligns and balances all chakras, resonates best with the crown chakra

-Activates the third eye or pineal gland 

-Facilitates a connection with the higher self 

-Provides energetic protection 

-Inspires truth 

-Combats symptoms of anxiety and depression 

-Aids all healing efforts 

-Facilitates the reception and interpretation of messages from spirit

-Revitalizes the energetic system 

-Combats stress 

-Helps release negative behavioral and thought patterns 

-Activates and amplifies the clair-senses 

-Helps manage spiritual “abilities” and clair-senses

-Helps ease fear of the spirit world 

-Combats nightmares and insomnia 

-Assists with attuning overactive telepathy to higher frequencies 

-Aids remote viewing efforts 

-Facilitates lucid dreaming and astral travel 

-Facilitates change, growth, and release

-Helps one to see and understand the lessons they are learning

-Promotes accountability and responsibility of action

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