Crystal Information

A type of volcanic glass, this form of black obsidian has some lore to go along with its interesting name. As the story goes, in the 1870s a group of Apache warriors was met in battle by American Calvary. They were outnumbered and knew they would not see victory. Rather than be defeated or captured, they chose instead to ride their horses off the side of the mountain. It is said that the women and children who were left behind wept at the site where the warriors fell, and when their tears hit the ground, they turned to stone. These are the crystals that we now call Apache Tears.

This story is not the happiest of tales but it does underline some of the strengths this stone carries within it. Acceptance is the first step to overcoming any sort of trauma or negative issue we may be needing to deal with. This story outlines how the energy of this crystal can influence a situation. It brings the strength to see reality for what it is, even when it is something we would rather not accept. It allows one to feel what they need to feel but then also reminds us that we have a choice, we don’t have to stay in the grief, shock, or trauma. We are not at the mercy of the world, we can choose how we face obstacles. Apache tear helps bring the strength needed to rise up, make a choice and take control of our situations; regardless of how difficult they may seem.

Obsidian can be a bit tricky to work with. At times it brings up negativity before you are prepared to really deal with it and it can be overwhelming. Apache tear is more gentle in this respect and easier to work with as it seems to only bring out what you are prepared to deal with. It allows you to address negative emotions and look at why they are affecting you and helps to clear them away. This is where the “protection” label comes in. I don’t typically promote forms of obsidian for protection; however, it does provide protection by the idea that if you have no skeletons in your closet, they can not come back to haunt you. If you address all the negative emotions you hold they no longer hold power over you. When working with any form of obsidian this is something to keep in mind. Yes, it will clear away negative energy but only after you have dealt with its root cause.

Apache tear is one of the premier stones to help overcome grief. Promoting an understanding and acceptance of things that seem to be inconceivable; it supports the energetic system as it works through and releases all negative energy.

A few things applications for this crystal:

-Assists with the clearing and release of negative emotions

-Promotes recognition of danger or troublesome situations

-Stimulates intuition

-Allows you to recognize when it is time to fight and when it is time to move on

-Helps provide a barrier between you and traumatic work environments  

-Provides comfort in times of trauma

-Provide strength when you are “putting your life back together”

-Assists in communication about difficult topics or with negative people

-Helps to keep you calm during confrontation

-Reverses bad luck

-Resonates well with the heart chakra but balances root, throat, and sacral as well

-Provides grounding energy

-A wonderful support stone for spiritual awakening

-Helps draw a line between your work life and business life

-Helps you to see the lessons in traumatic events

-Support stone for those who always put others first as it reminds one that you must also take care of yourself

-Promotes the idea that you can not run from hardships as they are a part of life

-Stone for those who feel alone or like the world is against them

-Assists with detoxification

-Enhances vitality and energy

-Serves as a reminder to let your knowledge and experience rule in times of fear and distress

-Aids shadow work efforts

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