Crystal Information

Once the traveling home of cephalopods, these fossilized shells hold many amazing qualities now. When the shell was formed, it was created in sections or chambers. As the creature inside grew too large for the chamber it was currently living in, it would then expand the shell and create a new chamber. This act of self-sufficiency is the embodiment of the energy within this fossil. It says, “I can provide all I need”.

Just as it protected the creature that lived inside long ago, the ammonite helps to promote growth, strength, and protection from within. The shell provided a barrier between the creature and the dangers of the outside world, but it also allowed space to grow and heal within the shell. Its energy works in a very similar way. Along with providing the space and confidence needed to provide for the self; the fossil also behaves like a filter. It works to draw in undesirable frequencies and transforms them, raising the vibration as the energy makes its way through the spiral. 

Another area this fossil finds strength is in the area of amplification. Be it to intensify the strength of another crystal or energetic tool or to amplify an intention; the ammonite can promote steady growth of both applications. As the energy travels through the center, it then grows larger and stronger as it exits the shell. Traditionally they were used to honor ancestors and utilized to assess ancient ways of thinking as well as gaining new perspectives. The ammonite helps to promote understanding and facilitates change and personal growth. 

A few things this fossil can assist with are:

-Promoting clarity of mind

-Helps to see the “whole picture”

-Associated with the Root Chakra and Solar Plexus Chakra

-Provides grounding energy

-Stimulates circulation of life force energy

-Activates Kundalini energy

-Attract prosperity and success

-Increases stamina and vitality

-Facilitates spiritual growth and development

-Promotes relaxation

-Improves analytical thinking

-Can help propel an idea into action

-Facilitates growth

-Promotes past life recall

-Assists understanding of different points of view

-Talisman to attract good health as they symbolize long life

-Given as a gift to symbolize friendship and unity

-Helps to transmute negative energy

-Facilitates energetic protection efforts

-Filters the aura

-Helpful to combat nightmares

-Promotes confidence 

-Helps overcome codependency

-Inspires self-love 

-Inspires faith in one’s self

-Promotes determination and courage 

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