Crystal Information

Sometimes called the “All-healer,” Amethyst is one of the most effective crystals for healing people, plants, and animals. It has strong protective energy with a high spiritual vibration. Sometimes also referred to as “nature’s tranquilizer,” for its ability to provide calm by clearing away all chaotic energy.

The most popular nickname for this crystal is “The Sobriety Stone”. In my opinion, this is not due to an ability to prevent drunkenness, but rather its undeniable strength and ability in the area of providing clarity. Think about being in a troublesome situation. You have a problem or issue and you can’t see how you could possibly be ok. How can there be a resolution? When you are amidst the chaos, all you see is chaos but an outside perspective can usually help mediate situations. Amethyst is essentially the friend that comes along and kicks all the chaos to the curb; the doubts, confusion, dis-ease, and anything else that isn’t a solution, so that you can see the situation clearly and calmly.

It works as purple color energy does, subtle yet undeniable, calm yet persistent, and more than anything else, it is patient and trusting. Like it sees the bigger picture and knows things will eventually go a certain way.

A few applications for this crystal are:


-Alleviating nightmare

-Easing insomnia

-Promoting dream recall

-Inspiring lucid & intuitive dreaming

-Facilitates all healing efforts

-Study aid

-Promoting memory recall and recognition

-Alleviating headaches

-Promoting emotional stability

-Dispelling negative thought patterns

-Recognizing the source of negative emotional traumas

-Enhancing creativity and imagination

-Promotes focus

-Helps identify psychic attacks

-Strengthens shielding during psychic attacks

-Cleanses & strengthens the auric field

-Helps refine the thinking process

-Facilitates good decision making

-Strengthens the connection to the higher self

-Facilitates the integration of spiritual wisdom

-Promotes a feeling of oneness

-Assists the development of clairvoyance

-Enhances all psychic abilities

-Provides the strength needed to be your true self

-Aids efforts to beat addictions

-Eases the detoxification process

-Provides comfort in times of grief

-Helps find the clearest path to a goal or solution

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