Crystal Information

The “Wonder Woman” Stone. What? No one calls it that? Well, I do. For those of you not familiar with Wonder Woman she is a woman who is both powerful and bold while applying rational and calm logic to all she does. She conducts herself with integrity and a quiet confidence because she knows her power and her strength. She does not walk into a room declaring who she is, she just is who she is and that speaks for itself. Her weapon of choice is a lasso of truth that allows her to know the truth of any situation. These attributes along with her superpowers, enable her to tackle even the most difficult challenges, yet still remain humble. This stone resonates with this same frequency of truth and strength.

Referred to by many as the “Stone of Courage and the Stone of Truth”, this microcline feldspar provides a gateway to self-acceptance and self-truth through self-reflection. It lends strength and courage to harness one’s own power without imposing your will on others. It facilitates the knowing that there is nothing to prove, just being yourself is proof enough. 

A few applications for this crystal are:

-Helps one set clear boundaries

-Eases fear of judgment

-Facilitates honest self-expression

-Promotes self-discipline

-Lends the courage and strength to defend one’s self

-Aids manifestation of prosperity

-Facilitates healing on all levels

-Enhances loving communication

-Resonates with the heart and throat chakras

-Facilitates viewing opposite perspectives

-Dispels negative energy and feelings of aggravation

-Attracts new customers and opportunities in business

-Attracts good luck and financial success

-Assists with the release of traumas

-Provides a calming atmosphere for sleep and meditation

-Promotes self-esteem

-Aids manifestation by amplifying our intentions

-Promotes honest communication

-Helps to connect you with your higher self

-Facilitates energetic protection 

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